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In the beginning stages of a puppy’s life, the mother sets the boundaries by touch and sound. It seems harsh for the offense at times, but with our litter of ten, I realized this is a necessity to contain and protect multiple puppies who will soon be running everywhere. I would listen to Paxston snarl or bark at a young puppy for coming into her space or for playing too rough with another puppy and think to myself, “Geez, Paxston!” As they got older, however, I realized the purpose of these interactions and observed her ability to quarantine a puppy from a doorway with simply her voice, the puppy turn, and return the way it came. Amazing.
Cost varies based on the training needs of the individual puppy or dog and length of stay.
Please contact Christine Vitosh.
Three puppies learning "sit "- "click"
I further my education at Kanosak training facility in Maple Park, Illinois. I highly encourage owners to engage in any sort of supervised training with their dogs; the time spent together will come back to you exponentially in the moments you need it most. There are many types of classes available for many skill levels and goals.

The basis of my philosophy on training is it must be positive, it must be fun, and it must be rewarding. I do this through correction, both verbally and physically, praise and treats. As with horses, our body language is one of the best tools we have to physically interact, correct and praise for the appropriate and desired behavior.
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I offer monthly training for puppies at any given age, although the sooner training begins, the more stable the dog. I continue with the basics of boundaries, limitations, and rewards. For the Airedale breed, I focus in months three through five of “watch”, “no teeth”, “off”, “leave it”, “sit”, “down” and “walk nice” and being calm and confident around other dogs and animals. When these basics are mastered, the puppy and I venture out into public places, stores and downtown areas to focus on distractions and reactions. At this point most families are able to continue the training in their home; however, based on specific needs, a dog can remain with me for more advanced behavior training.

Occasionally I accept older dogs who have specific issues which need to be altered; please feel free to speak with me regarding your needs and expectations.
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